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Wise Folder Hider Review

Easily conceal important or individual files, folders or also a whole USB Own with just a few computer mouse clicks, maintaining them safe with a password.

Smart Folder Hider is a freeware used to conceal your folder(s) or file(s) to elsewhere in your PC or in detachable devices, where way you can protect your privacy with passwords by following easy actions. For home and individual use rather than concealing industrial/secret information which may need further stringent file security.

Not all files can be secured by default. Most documents can be protected with a password or hidden deep in several folders, but they are still in danger. Fortunately, applications such as Smart Folder Hider provide a means of protecting essential files both by concealing and having a password set.

Fast implementation of your system

The configuration process is fast and uncomplicated, after which you can set up a grasp password necessary for opening the device and preventing unapproved access. Operating the application raises a contemporary and aesthetically attractive user interface, where most space is dedicated to aspects you include, with a couple of switches found under user-friendly symbols put in a top toolbar.

Conceal and secure files, folders and USB owns

You can simply drag files or folders over the main home window to have them hidden right away, as well as open up the context food selection entrance to open up and conceal files or set a password. Therefore, you can simply hide the files or define a key necessary to unhide and open them. Along with data, it is feasible to conceal and obstruct the whole folders, and USB owns. There’s no option to cover local dividers, however.

View and run selected aspects

All files and folders you choose are generally displayed home window, together with information regarding secure, condition and procedure. However, once you decide to earn an aspect noticeable again, no incorporated option allows you to conceal it still. The entrance simply disappears from the main home window, and you need to drag and drop it again.

To conclude

To amount it up, Smart Folder Hider comes packed with simple options to assist you in protecting essential files, folders and USB owns production them invisible on the hard disk drive and securing them with a password. It functioned efficiently on Home windows 10 in our tests.

Wise Folder Hider feature

Wise Folder Hider applies a layered password. The first password used to log in, while the second used to lock and open folders. Each folder can be secured with a different password. The first folder is given password 123; the second folder is given password 778, and so on. You are free to use any password. There is no need to create a password that is only a few characters long.

The password that you must create is the password to log in. You must remember this password because Wise Folder Hider does not provide a feature to recover lost passwords. There are only two ways to restore a password, namely by buying Wise Folder Hider Pro or paying for a password recovery service provided by WiseCleaner.

You can change your login password at any time. First, enter the current password. Then, enter the new password and click the OK button. The procedure is the same as the password change procedure in general. The folder can pull into the Wise Folder Hider window. You can also do this through the context menu by right-clicking on the envelope, then selecting the “Hide Folder with Wise Folder Hider” option.

The context menu provided by Wise Folder Hider makes it easy for files to hidden, but on the other hand, their existence indirectly tells others that you have secret data that you disappear. The “Display in context menu” option must be disabled to remove the context menu.

Wise Folder Hider