How to Download & Install iOS 14

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How to Download & Install iOS 14 – Apple officially introduced iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 event, the first of which held online. If iOS 13 comes with many OS improvements and optimizations, iOS 14 comes with more new features, until it changes to the Home Screen for the first time. Not only the application icon, but later users can also put widgets to make it more personalized.

After being introduced at WWDC, usually, the latest iOS version will be officially present along with the new iPhone, at the launch of the Apple Event later this year. But if you are impatient, of course, you can install the iOS 14 Beta version that has released. How to? Here’s how to install iOS 14 Beta.

How to Download & Install iOS 14

What to Look For Before Trying iOS 14 Developer Beta

Before entering the stages of how to install iOS 14 Beta, there are a few things you need to know—the first, iOS Beta version released in two types; Developer Beta and Public Beta. The Developer Beta is available first, while the Public Beta version follows in recent weeks. The first is specifically for developers with more bugs; the second released publicly.

Public Beta can obtain as quickly as signing in an Apple account on the official site. While the Beta Developer is different. You must have an individual Apple Developer account, where the report is available on a subscription basis for USD99 each year. If you are not an application developer, of course, the price will feel expensive just to try the latest version of iOS.

There is an alternative if you want to get a profile to get iOS 14 Developer Beta for free without an Apple Developer account, by downloading it on a non-official site. One example is You can access directly from a compatible iPhone through a browser such as Safari. The risk is borne by the passenger, huh!

All you need to prepare is an iPhone device that supports. iOS 14 is available for all new iPhones, aka iPhone 6s and above (including the first iPhone SE version). Before going up, make sure you had done a backup before going up to iOS 14 (aka when it was still on iOS 13), can be via iCloud or iTunes via PC. Because of the backup is done later, it can only be restored on the same iOS version (i.e. iOS 14).

How to install iOS 14 Developer Beta

  1. Download and install the iOS 14 Developer Beta profile that you have gotten from Apple’s official site or other sites. Select “Allow” to install the pattern, then close the message that appears.
  2. Enter the Settings menu, and you will find “Profile Downloaded” at the top, just below the Apple account. If there isn’t, go to the General – Profile menu. Select “iOS 14 Beta Software.
    Profile “, then tap the install button. When done, restart according to the command.
  3. After restarting, go to Settings – General – Software Update, and iOS 14 Developer Beta will appear, ready to download and install. The size varies, depending on the iPhone used. On iPhone 7, iOS 14 Developer Beta is about 3.8 GB in size, so make sure you have enough internal memory before deciding to download.

That’s the easy way to install iOS 14 Developer Beta. If you decide to try iOS 14 Beta, especially this developer version, it strongly recommended to connect it to a device that you don’t use as your primary smartphone every day. Given the initial release, there will be a lot of bugs or others that interfere with usage. Good luck!