Epson XP-15000

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Epson XP-15000 – The XP-15000 is a lot more small compared to its precursors and significantly lighter, the last due partially to a couple of concessions to develop quality. Compared to 1430, although some features may apply to their matchings on the previous model, the overall building of the XP-15000 is much less considerable.

Epson XP-15000 Review

Epson has made considerable changes to most aspects of the design. Such as the newest models in the Labor force and EcoTank ranges, the XP-15000 consists of a turning control board with LCD screen; a powered publish tray that releases immediately, a cassette for ordinary A4 documents and a back feed port with the main packing.

The principality lies listed below the publish tray and accessed via a drop-down panel. Unfortunately, it and self-extending take-up tray are not as strong as we’d such as and packing paper right into the cassette can be challenging. Automating the implementation and storage space of the plate has the potential to produce problems in time because of deterioration. The back paper support is also gently built and easy to remove.

The cassette has flexible sliders plus marked settings for 10 x 15 centimetres and 13 x 18 centimetres sheets. It will also approve documents much longer compared to A4 dimension, significantly ‘legal’ documents that measure 21. 6 x 33 centimetres for which a pull-out guide.

The maximum capacity of the cassette is 200 sheets of ordinary A4 paper, 50 sheets of picture paper (all dimensions) or ‘legal’ sized regular paper. Ten envelopes or 80 sheets of A4 Epson Picture Quality Ink Jet Paper, which is thinner compared to routine picture paper and used for publishing documents with embedded pictures. You can also set it for printing on envelopes.

Sheets of paper bigger compared to A4 and ‘legal’ dimensions must use the back sheet feed, which can approve up to 50 sheets of ordinary paper or 20 sheets of picture paper. The maximum aspect sustained through the User Specified option in the chauffeur food selection is 329 x 1200 mm (~ 13 x 44 inches), the like in the previous models.

Indeterminate publishing is available for most of the standard documents listed in the driver’s food selection, although except double-sided paper, picture sticker labels and move paper. A tray for publishing on optical discs lies on the base of the paper cassette.

It suits a dedicated port behind the control board, directly over the output tray, which can be challenging to load because there’s very little space over the top of the cassette. The control board must, and the disc tray must up before it will slide right into place. Apart from that, disc publishing hasn’t changed since previous models and depends on the same chauffeur setups and Epson’s Publish CD software.

Epson XP-15000 Driver

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