Epson L380 Driver Windows 64-bit

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Epson L380 Driver Windows 64-bit Review

As one of the large multinational companies engaged in the printer industry, Epson often conducts research and development of technological innovations on each product it will market. As one of the world’s innovation leaders in the field of photo and digital image printing technology, Epson has launched one of the few Epson L-series products that have the advantage of making it easier for users to print photos. Epson’s innovative photo printing printer is the L805.

Other than the others, in general, an inkjet printer comes with only 4 colors. But unlike the L805, this printer is equipped with 6 colors with a tank system. So that this printer has more color variations and is able to provide better print results.

The Epson L805 printer is equipped with integrated wireless connectivity, which is capable of providing ease and flexibility to print from mobile devices over a wireless network. With the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that comes with several Epson Connect features, it is hoped that Epson users can enjoy and print photos or documents quickly and without limits.

EPSON L805 is an inkjet printer that can be used by consumers as well as industry and business, where this printer offers fast print performance, quality printouts at a cost or efficient cost. EPSON L805 uses an integrated high-capacity ink tank technology that can print with perfect quality, even for printing A4 photos to print on the surface of a CD / DVD.

Practical, prints are still perfect

The advantage of an integrated ink tank is that you don’t have to bother replacing the ink (ink tank) with the quality of an ink tank that is not guaranteed. The Epson L805 lets you refill ink through a handy bottle. This ink bottle is also equipped with a system where the ink will not spill or drip messily when you are finished refilling the ink into the ink tank. You can print up to 1,800 photos from this Epson L805 ink set.

The Epson L805 lets you print directly from smartphones and tablets. Just connect the printer to a wi-fi network and use the help of Epson Connect. Another advantage of this printer is that it is compact and minimalist in size so it is easy to place anywhere. To print photos, this printer can print borderless photos up to A4 size, and can print directly to CDs and DVDs with a photo print speed of about 12 seconds per photo.

Epson L380 Driver Windows 64-bit