Canon Pixma iP2700 Review

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Canon Pixma iP2700 Review – Canon IP 2700 or IP 2770 is one of the most recent printers from Canon at a price that is so cheap, the cost of this Canon IP 2770 printer can only be obtained for 600 several thousand or even less expensive once again. The Canon IP 2700 to be a replacement for the Canon IP 1980, which was the most stubborn printer first, but unfortunately, the Canon manufacturer will not release the product. For a moment, when you bought a Canon IP 2770 printer, it would be wonderful to recognize the strengths and weaknesses based on the experience we have been working on until now.

Canon Pixma iP2700 Review

Hopefully, this quick review can provide the best weighing material for you who want to buy a Canon printer. Physically, the shape of the Canon IP 2700 printer is quite elegant, more straightforward and looks robust compared to the oldest printer. We have also tested the print results so satisfying, the printer tone is quite smooth, and the printing system is quite fast. You don’t need to wait long to print 100 pages at a time.

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When the new Canon Pixma IP2770 printer was released, we immediately bought it with a price of 475k, because finally, it was excellent and fast. Hence, we immediately invited seven units for printers in internet cafes, two months. After we start to inconvenience with the printer container that is very quickly damaged, even though it has, the quality of the printer is still so bad.

It must do a replacement cartridge if you buy a new round. Hence, the price of a pair of the cartridge is around 350 thousand, in the end, we deal with purchasing cartridge the rest (one use) which we then use the infusion to make it last longer, but the price of the remaining round is also quite high, around 230 thousand a pair.

Is also what makes us not stand so fast this Canon IP 2770 cartridge is damaged. When compared with the Canon IP 1980 so it can affect the ability of the round 1: 3 (one to three). Once again also the price of the second canon IP cartridge 1980 which is around 150 thousand pairs. So the conclusion is that the Canon IP 2770 printer is so good, both the quality of the printer or speed, it’s just that the operational costs of replacing the cartridge.

Will also be so expensive if you use a printer only for personal or office, so I recommend you buy this Canon IP 2770 printer. Still, if You use a printer for rental or internet cafe like we do so, it’s a good idea to think again of our experience above.

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